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Making Bioenergy Affordable

Transforming unproductive wastelands into productive BioEnergy Assets with positive environmental, social and economic impact

VayuGrid is a global leader in clean energy, engaged in building bioenergy supply chains based on its patent pending elite Pongamia trees, VayuSapTM and in partnership with governments, industry, and rural communities.  According to one UN report, the current global supply for biodiesel is only 16% of the expected demand in 2022 to meet increasing diesel blending mandates. 
The company is positioned to crack this shortage through its proprietary IP that delivers a high-yielding and cost efficient bioenergy feedstock that grows on lands not suitable for food crops.    
VayuGrid's mission is to be the global bioenergy leader by producing bioenergy at a cost on par with traditional energy, on lands not suitable for food crop while ensuring social inclusion, long-term economic sustainability and environmental compliance.
environmental impact of Pongamia
The Environment
The biodiesel and green coal (compressed briquettes) produced by VayuGrid's elite Pongamia release only carbon originally taken from the atmosphere and the VayuGrid process eliminates the largest sources of carbon in the bioenergy production process, making VayuGrid’s solution uniquely beneficial to the environment for biofuels.  Over 20 tons of carbon are sequestered every acre every year. 
social impact of Pongamia
The Community
VayuGrid's elite Pongamia trees grow in the least productive agriculture land or completely unproductive reclamation lands with high-value yields providing jobs and entrepreneurial opportunities for marginal, rural communities.    
economic impact of Pongamia
The Economy
Elite Pongamia turns unproductive wastelands into productive assets that supply the perennial and inelastic energy market with dual energy products.  The high value energy production adds to the GDP of the economy, reducing foreign imports, and adds value to all levels of the supply chain.  The clean energy adds capacity for efficient transportation, energy, and mechanization to the most critical sectors of the economy – Agriculture and Rural communities.