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Local Impact

Bioenergy Zone

BioEnergy Zones - first step in transforming wastelands into productive energy assets


Extreme harsh terrain with gradients upto 75 degrees and very hard laterite rock with very little soil due to erosion. Temperature ranging 35° to 45° C in peak summer

geo-spacial map

A comprehensive geo-spacial map was created post land survey


All wild trees, shrubs and bushes were cleared at site to make way for structured marking & pitting

Pongamia planting

VayuSapTM, elite Pongamia, spaced 5m row to row, 4m plant to plant.

Pongamia Saplings

Using Geo-Spacial map resulted in optimum usage of available land, precise planting grid and even spacing between Saplings


Dedicated Irrigation line of approx 500m laid out from source to storage pond at an elevation of 150m. First of the three storage pond being prepared along the 2.6 km stretch.

Pongamia saplings
pongamia sapling

Saplings planted and at 75 days.

Bioenergy Zone, elite Pongamia

Completed BioEnergy Zone